Westhoughton Youth Project


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Bolton Lads & Girls Club is thrilled to be transforming youth provision in Westhoughton. The new centre will provide somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to for the young people of Westhoughton in their own community.

In 2002 we opened a purpose-built, state of the art youth facility in the town centre from where we provide a range of universal and targeted services that are fully accessible seven days/nights per week. We currently have an average of 3000 visits each week to the Club. Our success is impressive, however we are only scratching the surface and there is more we can and wish to do.

Many children and young people, especially those residing in the outer areas of the borough have limited or no youth provision in their locality. Westhoughton is one such area. Cost of transport means that they cannot travel to access high quality provision such as Bolton Lads & Girls Club. These youngsters find themselves with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no-one to talk to when they need it. There is currently no statutory youth service in Westhoughton, although there are local groups providing good provision.

The project is ambitious and will result in young people in Westhoughton having access to a 7 night a week youth offer in their own community. Currently we engage with over 70 young people in the town centre on Friday night who say they have nowhere to go, nothing to do and no-one to talk to.


Launching in November 2015 we will:
∙ Open a large Youth Centre, currently identified as the former Westhoughton Country Primary School, Central Drive.
∙ Recruit and train local people in to paid and voluntary roles
∙ Reach 500 children and young people
∙ Develop a vibrant youth offer spanning 7 nights including Sport, Health, Recreation & Arts
∙ Provide more specialist support for 50 children and young people through 1:1 mentoring and programmes to address youth unemployment
∙ 50 children and young people making a difference through social action in their own communities
∙ Develop a rounded service which encompasses and adds value to existing provision
∙ Support local groups to work with us


What do we need?

• Local businesses, whether it be financially supporting the project through patronage or fundraising

• Project Champions to be identified i.e., private sector, community sector, parents, and partners to join a steering group to drive the ambition

• Ideas and opportunities to work with local groups

  • Volunteers to help us provide the service for young people
  • Fundraisers to help us fund the refurbishment of the building so it is the best facility for young people



This room will be one of the enterprise rooms, lots of work to be done, but with the support of the local community we can provide fun & educational sessions for young people to develop their skills.



For more information about our Westhoughton Youth Project, and how you can get involved, please contact Karen Openshaw on karen.openshaw@blgc.co.uk or call us on 01204 540 100.