Bolton Lads & Girls Club are always striving to involve more members of our local community through volunteering. With such a wide range of opportunities and their varying commitments we believe we have something to suit most people looking to put some of their free time to good use!

The Club would not be able to provide the wide ranging services to our young people, on the large scale we do, without our trusted ‘army’ of 200+ volunteers. With the provision we offer continuously growing, we need volunteers now more than ever.

Each volunteer brings their own skills, talents, experience, and above all passion. They are an essential part of our team which supports young people to develop their potential.

As a volunteer, your contribution will be very much valued as it goes towards helping the Club make a measurable difference to the lives of Bolton’s young people.

Do you want to make a difference?
Read about the experiences of some of our volunteers at BLGC

“I became a volunteer at BLGC as part of mentoring. I wanted to be a positive role model to a young person and help them overcome obstacles they may face by being there to listen and support them when they need it. I had seen the important role mentoring had played in helping young people and wanted to give the same to someone else. What I love is just giving up that little spare time can have such a positive impact on a young person’s life.”
Dani (Mentor)

‘Volunteering at BLGC has not just given more kids the opportunity to get involved but also myself. I’ve felt that my confidence has grown and I am able to work with children outside of my everyday classroom environment! Everyone should find an hour a week to help someone out! You can’t believe how good you will feel when you see the smiles and laughter of the kids :)’
Aimee (Mentor)

Leon 1“I first came here in 2002 for the youth games and engaged with the senior provision until I was 21 years old. The club provided me a safe place, I felt supported and those who are my best friends now, I met at the club.

I started volunteering at 15 years old during holiday club and continued as a part time staff member until 21. I developed an interest for youth work whilst volunteering and it provided me with experience within the work place, which would benefit me through life, university and so on.

In my finial year I was offered a full time role, and 5 years on, I’m still here, learning new things and supporting young people not so different from myself. “
Leon (Previous volunteer now Youth Worker Leader)

“I started volunteering at the club in 2000 through the company I worked for (at that time) doing ad hoc fundraising such as the beer festival in 2007. Through that I became aware of the mentoring scheme and the amazing way it helped to change young peoples’ lives by mentors being positive role models and a consistent adult in their lives, something they often did not have. All it takes is an hour a week and I wanted to be that person. I thought how would I have felt as a child if I had not had someone I could talk to or if my own children where ever in that position. I am still a mentor and cannot describe the feeling of helping a young person to become the person they want to be. Seeing them smiling and eventually no longer needing a mentor in their life is such an amazing feeling.

I believe so strongly in the positive role the club and the mentoring scheme have in young peoples’ lives that 18 months ago I came to work here to recruit volunteers to have the same amazing experience I have had over the past 10 years.”
Joanne (Mentor, previous volunteer now Volunteer Coordinator)

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