Visit from A Rising Star

As our Queens Award-winning Mentoring Project celebrates its’ 20th year of dedicated empowerment and guidance for the young people of Bolton, The Mentoring team were thrilled last week to have a visit from ex-mentee and aspiring DJ, Kai Flynn.

Kai first came to BLGC as a Junior member back in 2010, and three years later, was referred to the Mentoring Project.

BLGC, Kai’s mentor Michelle and Mentoring Co-ordinator Jackie, played a pivotal role in Kai’s early teens, which proved to be an incredibly difficult and challenging time for him, due to his removal from his adoptive family, and placement into his long-term foster family.

Speaking about Mentoring, Kai said: “Mentoring helped shape who I am today. The effect of having a mentor, is life changing. Michelle was there for me through thick and thin. She and Jackie are truly dedicated. They were someone to talk to when I needed it most.”

Although no longer in the Bolton borough, Kai still visits BLGC as often as possible and last week told us the fantastic news that as an aspiring DJ, two of his tracks have recently had label releases!

Kai is a keen DJ and producer, studying music production at college and devoting all his spare time to learning about his art and creating remixes to music that he feels and finds a connection to, and see the potential in.

Although with two releases already under his belt, Kai’s dream to make it to the musical big time, is not without its’ setbacks, as his home studio recently fell victim to an electrical fire. However, Kai is determined to stop at nothing and let nothing hold him back from achieving his goals.

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