Spotlight on —– Mentoring Coordinator – Nichola Howarth!

Name: Nichola Howarth

Age: 33

Job Title: Mentoring Coordinator

How long have you been with BLGC? 16 years

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I get to meet some of the most inspiring young people.  I hear their stories and build a trusting relationship with them. I carefully match them with a volunteer mentor and that mentor can become one of the most important people in that young person’s life.

What do you get out of your role?

I get to follow our young people on their journey and see the transformation that mentoring can make! I love working with young people and they never fail to amaze me. Some of our young people have been through things we could never understand or imagine. I feel privileged to work with them and become part of their lives.

Would you recommend anyone to become a mentor and if so why?

Everyone should be a mentor! If you could spare a couple of hours a week to make a difference in a young person’s life, then why would you not do it!!  Just go for it!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a mentor?

Think about the commitment, mentoring is a big commitment and probably the most important thing you can offer your young person!  Take the time to get to know your mentee. A lot of our young people have been let down by the adults in their life and it can take time to build their trust. Just be yourself, be real and don’t forget to have lots of fun!!

What makes working at BLGC so special?

BLGC is a unique place to work, I work with a team of people who are caring, kind and passionate about the work they do with young people. Working in the club puts you in a position of trust and a position where we can really get to know our young people and understand their lives. The club gives young people so many opportunities and can open doors for them – for a lot of our young people it can become a lifeline.