NCS Sign Up – Summer 2017




What is the National Citizen Service (NCS)?

The most exciting and rewarding times of your life are closer than you might think. If you’re 15-17 and live in England or Northern Ireland then you’ve come to the right place.

NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to 15 – 17 year olds in England! Bolton Lads & Girls Club is running this amazing project for the 6th consecutive year – we can guarantee that by taking part we can help you build your skills for work and life, take on new challenges that previously you never imagined you would  and make great friends along the way!

Looking for NCS work opportunities?

What’s it all about?



Phase 1 – Adventure- Meet new friends & create unforgettable memories

Experience the freedom of life away from home in your first week of NCS. Learn to defy your limits as you live fearlessly to uncover a new you and work in a team that’s part of something bigger than anything you’ve ever done before! It won’t take you long to realise that life truly begins outside your comfort zone.

In your first week you’ll live with your team at an outdoor activity centre, getting to know each other and experiencing the freedom of being away from home with new friends.

So, once you’ve decided on the programme for you, we’ll place you in a group of 12-15 amazing people and the best thing about NCS is that some of these will be people you’d never have met before – people that could change your life, or you could change theirs. In this week you’ll get the chance to take part in adrenaline-fuelled activities with your team mates like: rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery.

leap of faith

Leap of Faith

Phase 2 – My Community – Get ahead as you learn the lessons they don’t teach you in class

Next you’ll turn your new friends into family as you’re reunited to live independently in university style accommodation.

Not only will you be learning to cook for yourselves (think roast dinners, not beans on toast!), but you’ll also learn some huge life skills that make for a killer CV. You could find yourself meeting organisations and important people from your local community, whilst learning about the issues facing them, as well as developing new personal skills (teamwork, leadership and communication). You’ll even take part in a first aid training session, which is an extra certificate to add to CV or personal statement.


Young people have a unique opportunity to meet Magistrates (JP’s) to explore and discuss the criminal and civil justice system, visit a live court room session at Bolton Magistrates Court and play key roles in a mock trial to understand the court and legal process.  This additionally enables young people to learn of and understand the issues and challenges that affect the Bolton Family. Over the past 20 years the Magistrates in the Community Project has developed as a Magistrates Association initiative to increase public awareness of the role of Magistrates and work with primary, secondary schools, 6th form colleges, community groups and employers.



The Faith Trail in partnership with Bolton Interfaith Council and their cooperation of their partners at Bolton Council of Mosques, Hindu Forum, Bolton Christian Cohesion and other places of worship.  Provides young people with an amazing opportunity to explore various places of worship of key faiths in Bolton and community buildings.  Enabling young people to speak directly to faith leaders to learn about Bolton’s diverse multicultural community and issues and challenges that diversity can potentially generate.



First Aid Training Certificate delivered by St John’s Ambulance North West.  In the last two years, over 2000 young people approximately have completed this training certificate during the NCS programme.

Syllabus covered: Bleeding- severe, Chest pains, Choking, Communication and casualty care, Primary survey, Recovery position, Resuscitation



Phase 3 – Social Action – Spread a good thing & make a mark on your local area

Your time at NCS will give you the tools to change the world around you through fundraising and volunteering. In your final part of NCS you’ll use your new skills and friendships to invest yourself in something remarkable. We believe in the power of you, now go out and show us what you can do!

In Phase 3 you will learn more about the place you’re from and how you can make a difference to your community. Sessions include meeting charities and organisations, getting out into the town and taking part in topical discussions. A huge part of your NCS experience is developing and growing your skills, but you’ll have the opportunity to put them into practice when you make a positive difference in your community.

NCS Social Action


Once you’ve completed the programme, you’re now part of the bigger NCS family – our grads have the chance to attend some of the greatest shows and events going and we’ll be constantly developing amazing ways to keep you involved with us, your community & with all of our fantastic partners. Oh plus we’ll support you and the projects you are passionate about because like we said, you’re family!

We forgot to mention at the end of each programme we’ll throw you a big party to celebrate everything you’ve achieved too. Not only will you be a completely different person, but you’ll have made a huge network of amazing friends for life and done something truly inspirational in your community.



The Different Start Dates









Sound good? – click the link below to sign up. You’ll need a parent/guardian with you for parts of it as they’ll need to answer parts.


Still need more information – contact the NCS team on 01204 540105 today for more info, or e-mail