The Club works tirelessly to reach as many young people as possible, providing them with “Something to do, somewhere to go and someone to talk to”.

Together with a close network of partners, the Club has provided an Outreach and Detached provision since the late 1990’s and has engaged with thousands of different young people on the streets of Bolton.

Through the Outreach and Detached project, the Club works with groups of youngsters aged 8-19, who may be at risk of anti-social behaviour or social exclusion, as well as those simply looking for something to do.

Do you live in the Astley Bridge area?

The Club runs outreach services in Astley Bridge, at the Barlow Park Young People’s Centre on the Oldham’s Estate. The Centre offers a variety of different activities and projects in a fun and engaging way, whilst giving the young people something to do without having venture too far away from the local community.


Detached Teams in other areas of Bolton

The Club’s detached teams also visit various areas throughout Bolton, engaging with young people on the streets, finding out more about what young people want to do, and what they think is available to them already. This involves signposting young people to numerous opportunities available to them throughout the town. We also work closely with other agencies to ensure young people are safe and avoiding behaviours seen as anti-social.