Outdoor Adventure

A young person getting ready for the Climb

A young person getting ready for the Climb

The Club’s Outdoor Adventure programme offers young people the chance to develop their mind and body as they test themselves in a challenging and fun environment within a framework of safety.

Outdoor Adventure sessions take place in a variety of settings from indoors at the Club to rural and urban locations, covering a wide range of activities on land and water. Young people can also work toward their Duke of Edinburgh Award supported by Club staff.

The Club offers young people a chance to experience an exciting range of outdoors activities. Activities of offer include:

Orienteering exercises both the mind and the body, enabling progress at an individual pace.

From Flat water Canals to White water rapids, the Club offers and deliver kayaking to members of all ages and experience.

Gorge Walking
Gorge walking is an exciting, adrenalin-fueled activity that includes abseiling down waterfalls in Wales.

Canoeing can be both exciting and relaxing from navigating a two man canoe or down rapids to your next campsite through to gently paddling your way along the Leeds and Liverpool canal, there is something for everyone.

Both the Club’s indoor wall and the steep quarries on the Pennine Moors offer exciting, challenging routes to try.


The Club offers target archery, which is the most common form of archery and is also the form of the used in the Olympics.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking improves fitness levels as well as offering a high level of excitement when we hit the trails and get out mountain biking.

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