Personal fundraising

The generosity of the local community means that each year thousands of pounds are raised for the Club under the Helping Hands Appeal.

If you’d like to personally raise funds by taking part in a challenge or event that you have organised in aid of the Club, you can do so under the  Helping Hands Appeal.

Click here to let us know what you’re planning and to request your Helping Hands Appeal fundraising pack.


Here’s some easy fundraising ideas to get your Helping Hands ideas started:


There’s lots of ways you can get involved with fundraising for Bolton Lads & Girls Club

From cake sales and collection boxes, to balls and bike rides, through sitting in a bath of beans, take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas:


  • Ask – you’ll be surprised how many people will love hearing what you’re doing and want to support you.
  • Aluminium  Collection  –  Have  collection point in the workplace for empty cans…sell them to an Alupro aluminium can recycling depot  –  great  for  the  environment  as  well your target!
  • Auction – auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales. Approach local business and attractions and ask for donations


  • Bad  tie  day  –  charge  your  colleagues  a pound to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award  the  winner.  Have  you  already  got somebody in mind?
  • Baked bean bath – get sponsored to spend a day in a bath of beans! Or if your less ambitious fill an old boot with beans and dip your foot in!
  • Barbecue – charge for the burgers and sell drinks. Combine this with a raffle and some fun entertainment and you’re looking at a fun day for all the company.
  • Bingo – hold a one‐off evening or regular morning sessions before work starts. Contact the club to book out our bingo cage and raffle drum.
  • Book sale – Ask everyone in the workplace to bring in old books. Second hand bookshops may buy left over stock
  • Bring and Buy Sale – January is a great time to do this! Bring in those unwanted socks that your  grandma  bought  you  and  see  the  joy they bring to somebody else!
  • Bungee  jump  –  this  will  make  a  great feature in the press. Check out our Bucket List for more adventure challenges


  • Cake bake competition – Have a bake off and get your boss to select a winner. Sell your cakes on to boost fundraising.
  • Car Boot Sale – cash in your old belongings.
  • Car wash – wash cars at shopping centres or your office car park
  • Cinema Screening – will your local cinema be persuaded to do a preview exclusively for your company? Increase ticket sales by £1‐£2. It’s great promotion for them too!
  • Christmas cards – Allow others to send the gift of happiness at Christmas time. Prepare small pledges such as ‘I’ve donated £3 to the young people at Bolton Lads & Girls Club on your behalf’ – sell these for others to give to loved ones in the festivities.
  • Copper coins – collect 1p and 2p pieces ‐ we can provide you with collection boxes Donations – get companies to donate prizes, provide venues. Ask local gyms, restaurants, beauty shops. Smaller shops are  often very willing to help to raise their profile.


  • Dance‐off – Be known as the best dancer in the office!
  • Darts & snooker night– Many local pubs will be willing to host this for a good cause. Sell refreshments and do a raffle. Make it memorable   –   Ladies   v   Gents,   Best   ‘left hander’
  • Diet – gets friends and colleagues to join you, charge a registration fee and ask for a minimum amount of sponsorship money
  • Dress down day– do you work in a large office? Everybody paying a pound to dress down for a day will soon add up! Make it a regular novelty, the last Friday of every month…


  • Ebay – Register yourself on and auction off old and unwanted items – send out a global email to the team asking them to bring things in
  • Email all your contacts! Link this with your fundraising web page.
  • Expert Talks – ask people to donate their time and expertise Fashion show – Clothes outlets will support an event like this by providing an outfit to be showcased at the event.


  • Fancy dress party – pay and win prizes – chose from the countless themes, i.e. famous people, Halloween, superheroes, gypsy’s, medieval – the list goes on!
  • Football – Call us to find out about how Club makes for a perfect 5 a side football tournament for the whole company to enjoy! Have sweepstakes at work – who will win?
  • Fun day! Win over your boss to hold a fundraising day for team building purposes. Ask them if they’ll let the team sponge them! £1 a sponge


  • Games – twister, Jenga, Team trivial pursuit. Pay to enter, donated prizes. Go one step further and name it ‘Office Olympics’ ‐ How many times can you get a paper ball in the bin on a row?
  • Go‐ karting – organise a work trip
  • Golf  tournament  –  ask  a  golf  club  to sponsor the event for you.
  • Guess the number – e.g. guess how many sweets in the jar or how many pies you can eat!


  • Hair  –  Nominate  a  willing  member  of  the team to take part in a sponsored shave off. Bye bye to that treasured beard!


  • Job swap – get your boss on reception / back to the shop floor!
  • Join in with an existing event in your community (e.g. a fun fair, school fete) and hold a stall or activity – can you get hold of a face painter?


  • Karaoke night


  • Match Funding – Challenge your employer – will they match what the team raise? Lots of companies do so it’s worth asking…
  • Marathon – get sponsored to run 26.2 miles!
  • Mobile Phone recycle – Have a collection point at work for old mobile phones or any other ‘small tech’ devices. We can send them off!
  • Murder Mystery night – dress the part to make it more fun!


  • News Year’s Eve party


  • Outdoor Adventure Events – With a fully trained team of outdoor education leaders the club can provide guidance into how you can turn the following fun adventures into fantastic fundraisers – call the club on 01204 540128 for more information.


  • Paintballing
  • Party! – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. Dress up! Quiz night – get your local pub to help


  • Quiz night – get your local pub to help


  •   Swim‐a‐thon – swim the channel at a local pool
  • Smoking – get sponsored to give up and get healthy!


  • Talent contest – Britain’s got talent eat your heart out!
  • Ten pin bowling – bowling alleys will often offer discount for charity events
  • Treasure hunt – entry fee and donated prizes


  • Win a day off work! Ask your boss to raffle or auction a day off work!


  • Yes day – say yes to everything for a day (within reason!) Ask people to sponsor your efforts